Call for Entries

Call for Entries
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hey all,

Thought I would post a little update. Currently on display is Redux, a catalogue show featuring some of the best work we've had throughout the year. That's right. Each piece is, in a way, cherry-picked for your own personal enjoyment. It's funny because much of the work itself is dissimilar, yet flows quite nicely in our little gallery space. At least that's what we've been hearing from visitors thus far. So, if you haven't had the chance to stop by the gallery, certainly do; Redux ends November 30th.

Hope to see you soon!
Jess Balint
Posie Kviat Gallery

Annette Cords

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Haute-Kraft: December 5th, 2009-January 6th, 2010

Artist's Reception: Saturday, December 5th, 5-8pm
Free and open to the public

The Posie Kviat gallery is pleased to present an exceptional roster of artists for our Haute-Kraft holiday show, premiering December 5th, 2009 and running through January 6th, 2010. This exhibition will spotlight an array of functional, hand-made art; from artware & fiber-arts to puppets and jewelry. Work by Anique Taylor, Sally Rothschild,Denyse Schmidt, Lora Shelley, Amy Saidens, Zoya Geacintov, Olek, Laura Hughes, Olivia Lawrence, Beth Carey, Margie Darrow, and Dave Channon will be featured. With the advent of online handmade and vintage markets, home-grown indie-designer websites and blogs touting the best eco-friendly finds in art, jewelry, and clothing, interest in all things hand-made is suddenly flourishing by way of the Internet. This is a curious development in that its venue, though equitable in its accessibility, leaves participants aloof from it's physical community. Regardless, because the arts instill a sense of identity and culture to the people throughout a domain, whether it be within the virtual network of the "world wide web," we accept this development.

The Posie Kviat wishes to embolden this movement by displaying some of the most original and at times, deviant Craft-Work available to the public. Dynamic and significant to our daily uses, Haute-Kraft emphasized function in this context, yet insists to preclude any or all that lacks distinctiveness. Swayed by the influence of William Morris, a craft movement has certainly persisted beyond Art Nouveau and Deco to become something which thrives in even unexpected genres. Working in this vein, the artists selected for Haute-Kraft convey, at times, an eccentricity quite admirable and unique.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Redux! (catalogue show)

The Posie Kviat Gallery in pleased to present an Autumn Redux, beginning October 24th and running until November 30th, 2009. A catalogue show chock-full of renascent pieces from our very favorite artists, Redux will feature work from; Alvin Booth, Ric Dragon, Conor Foy, Kira Greene, Jeff Leonard, Lora Shelley, Anique Taylor, and Mare Vaccaro. Redux will coalesce some of the best work from 2009, and provide a part deux for those art-goers and seekers who were unable to join us the first time around. The Posie Kviat Gallery, in it's first year, has dealt out, thus far, a handful of alluring exhibitions; Graphic content, VS:1, Kraft-Werk, VS:2, and Cross-Coupling, solo work by Annette Cords. Redux revisits these past occasions, with contentedness and ease, reintroducing small morsels of each as the looming Holidays approach, for Hudson-Valley acknowledgment and consumption. Please join us October 24th, 6pm for an open house, and to celebrate the release of All Hopped Up and Ready to Go, book by Tony Fletcher.
See event info below!

Please join us for a night out in Hudson, NY

1. READING 5pm
3. RHYTHMS 8pm

Three events, all taking place within 200 yards of each other:

1. Tony Fletcher reads from his book
All Hopped Up and Ready To Go: Music from the Streets of New York 1927-77
at The Spotty Dog Books and Ale
440 Warren Street, Hudson, New York,

2. Followed by a reception for the opening of "REDUX"
a taste of what you might have missed their first time round,
our catalogue show featuring Alvin Booth, Ric Dragon, Conor Foy, Kira Greene, Jeff Leonard,
Lora Shelley, Anique Taylor, and Mare Vaccaro. Running 10/24 - 11/30/09

RECEPTION: 6-8 PM 10/24
437 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534

3. All Hopped Up DJ set by Tony Fletcher
521 WARREN ST. HUDSON, NY 12534 518-828-UPUP

From NYC
Amtrak to Hudson, from Penn Station

Thursday, August 13, 2009

September 19th-October 19th, 2009, Annette Cords: "Cross-Coupling," opens at the Posie Kviat

Annette Cords: Cross- Coupling, running from September 19th-October 19th, 2009

October 10th, 2009, 5:00p.m.- 8:00 p.m.:
Artist talk and cocktails with Annette Cords and Mare Vaccaro: Join us for light snacks and cocktails; an evening with artists Annette Cords and Mare Vaccaro. Both Annette and Mare will do a small talk about their work and then there will be a chance to speak with them directly.

Cords' approach to painting is driven by a highly involved fascination with technology and science, in which she blends with an individual method of paint application. Her interest in systems and natural phenomena stem from her childhood in Germany and her father's influence as a high-energy physicist, "his world of science with synchrotrons, electromagnetic fields and sub-atomic particles traveling near the speed of light was fascinating and mysterious to me as a child." Annette Cords now explores the networked, interconnected world that surrounds us through the physicality of pigment and the application of process. Cross-Coupling, is inspired by a chemical term that refers to two different molecules reacting and combining to create a new one. Cords' work illustrates the import of individual processes of both natural and scientific elements, that cooperate within a contemporaneous environment in order to function.  At times, her pieces stray toward a forced mechanical minimalism, so much they have been referred to as "Agnes Martin on peyote."* This minimalism is supplemented by her artistic practice, a curious approach to painting, or a "surface printing" technique used by meticulously "stamping" with found objects with pigment and acrylic, which create gem-like, texture-paintings.   Seen from a distance, each painting evokes a digital world of pulsing networks and scientific imaging, though when viewed up close, reveal a sensuality and diversity. The intricacies and irregularities of lines and shapes indicate more than methodology, and bare aspects of unexpected impulse, converging an artistic mechanism with something more free. Cords describes her work, "some of the most interesting elements in my paintings occur in an unpremeditated and unforced manner, and result in intricate layers of visual information." The opulent, mosaic-like canvases reveal artistic spontaneity, yet intersect with a complex system of pattern and texture; she proposes these arrangements are akin to systems we live within today. All elements appear to work both independently and simultaneously to create an elaborate network and a visual whole. 

* Rosof, Libby, “Density Squared”, artblog, January 17, 2005

About the Artist
Annette Cords currently resides in New York City, and works out of her studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Her most recent solo exhibitions have been at the A x D Gallery in Philadelphia (2008), Galerie Klosterformat in Rostock (2005), Germany, and at Austin Peay State University, in Clarksville, Tennessee (2001).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

September 5th, Music Night $5 Cover: w/ Ric Dragon, Bernhard Spirig, Rick Appleson

Please join us for an impromptu jazz ensemble at the Posie Kviat to ring in labor day weekend. Presented by Ric Dragon, Bernhard Spirig, and Rick Appleson, in conjunction with VS:2; featuring works of Ric Dragon and Jeff Leonard . Hors d'oeuvres and wine will be served, limit one per visitor please. $5 cover appreciated.

VS 2: Featuring works of Ric Dragon and Jeff Leonard

"VS:2", featuring works of Ric Dragon and Jeff Leonard, 
beginning August 8 and running through September 14, 2009.
Please join us for the 
Artists' Reception
Saturday August 8th, 6-8 pm  
at Posie Kviat Gallery, 437 Warren Street, Hudson NY 

Ric Dragon

Ric Dragon was born outside of Disneyland in 1961. He currently lives and works in upstate New York in the Catskills. After studying with James McDermid at Munson Williams Proctor Institute, he continued his studies with Nicholas Marsicano at SUNY Purchase. He later developed the lithography workshop at the Woodstock School of Art where he taught stone lithography and figure drawing for several years. Dragon's work, both paintings and prints, has been shown in several galleries around the country.  The work in this show is a series of monoprints and several ink on mulberry paper collages.

Art critic Eleanor Heartney has written admiringly of these monoprints: "By rendering the experience of flesh using a vocabulary drawn from gestural abstraction, Dragon bypasses the literalism that seems to have relegated figuration to its secondary status today. He gives us, not the surfaces of bodies, but their sensuous collisions, suggesting the internal experiences that make us human." 

Jeff Leonard

Abstract painter Jeff Leonard is passionate about exploring optical and luminous space using pigmented resin as his media. His clear, tactile paintings are a choreography of overlapping gestural shapes that reflect, pulsate and shimmer rhythmically. 

Born in California, Jeff Leonard lives and works in Brooklyn,NY, having exhibited in Japan, Germany, New York and California, most recently at the SCAPE Gallery in Newport Beach, CA.  Of that show, in contrast with the internal experiences suggested by Eleanor Heartney of Ric's work, Roberta Carasso of Coast magazine wrote that the "see-through quality gives the artist's paintings the illusion of depth and space.  His colors are either subdued, having a Zen sense of quiet, or they burst out like the crackle of lively fireworks as reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and pinks explode..."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Call for Entries - Emerging Talent

Posie Kviat Gallery is making an open call for entries with the following parameters: new media, web based, kinetic, robotics, photography, video, site specific, mixed media and sound. We are looking for ground breaking work which breaks the barriers down between what art is, what people think it is and what it can be.

Deadline: 12/15/09
Decision letters sent January 15th, 2010
Show will run:
Sat, February 20, 2010 – Mon, March 29, 2010

We need:

Entry information

- Artist name

- Artist Bio

- Aritst CV

- Address

- Phone

- Email

- Web site address

Clearly labeled CD with 12 - 15 digital images (in .jpg format) OR link to web based digital images

Descriptions of work entered - specifics of installation requirements for work - artist is responsible for shipping and handling to and from gallery

Photo credits


Artist statement and intent

SASE - self addressed stamped envelope - for decision letters

$125 Entry Fee by check (made payable to Posie Kviat Gallery) - if paying by credit card, a 4% processing fee will be added to total. Methods of payment:

Check or Money order for $125

Credit Card via payal (above) or by phone: 518/653/5407

Posie Kviat Gallery

437 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12477

tel: 518/653/5407- for more information and to pay via credit card over the phone